Request a Custom Order

We are happy to accept custom orders and we have lots of options to make one of our items just perfect for your special event.
Here's a short list of some things we can modify for you. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask and I'll try my best to make what you need

Email my assistant for any help:

  • Tulle Skirts
    • Longer/shorter...just tell me how long you want it
    • Waistband colors, we have lots to choose from, just ask
    • Hem Colors: We have Piped hems, Serged hems, UV Trim, Ribbons...
    • Tulle Colors: We have more that 20 colors in stock at all times, see color chart below
  • Embroidery
    • Any Embroidered item can be done with different thread colors
    • Tell me the color that you want and I'll try to find the best match
    • If you need an EXACT 100% color match, you can send your embroidery thread to me. I'll tell you which kind to buy.
    • We can even do some custom designs for you, there will be a design fee, if I can't find a pre-existing digital design
  • Other options
    • We can add lace ruffles to some skirt styles
    • We can add satin ribbon bows or long hanging bows to almost any skirt
    • If you have an idea, just ask. If I can do it, you can have it!
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