Frequently Asked Questions

Although I do love to hear from my customers I am currently getting over 500 emails a day & that takes a lot of time to read/answer, some of that time that can be used to make new pretty things. So in an effort to answer some of your questions I have written the following information. When you purchase from me it is assumed that you have read this page & understand everything. If there is anything that I haven't answered here please email me!

(please don't be offended if your email has been answered with a link to this page, I'm most likely spending this time to process your order)

Shipping Related Information

Shipping Time:
I get lots of notes (telling) asking me to send ASAP!!

Thanks for the suggestion but I DO send ASAP because I am just as eager to get your item to you as you are!!! I mail packages 6 days a week & yours will be mailed the same day it's made.

Every single item is made by hand and that process takes some time, Please plan on two weeks to process the order, create the item, and get it delivered to you. (USA)

I ask for that time to plan for postal, weather, and other delays that I can't control. Most items arrive faster than that, but it's best to plan for the worst case scenario.

Once it leaves my hands I am not responsible for how long it takes to get to you! I do try to get the packages to you quickly by sending via Priority mail & most domestic packages usually get there in 2-3 days, international package usually arrive in 7-10 days. I say usually because there are always things that can cause delays, weather for example (& being that I am sending the items from New England most of that weather is nasty! )

Shipping Services:
I send most domestic packages via USPS priority mail, if the package is very small & light I will send it first class to save you money. I can also overnight some items that are already made but this is quite costly, again just ask.

International packages are sent via USPS First Class airmail, insurance is VERY costly & often ends up being more that the cost of the item itself so I usually don't use it but if you 'really' want it then please ask first so that I can check on the cost for you ( can calculate postage).

Most Long or Formal skirt will be shipped UPS ground. The boxes are huge and UPS does a better job with those types of packages. They will have a tracking number by email when they are shipped.

Tracking number/Delivery confirmation:

I include free Delivery confirmation numbers on all domestic packages. When a package is shipped, you will get an email from (this often goes into the SPAM email folder so please look there). This number confirms that the post office has your package and they are in the process of getting it to your address.

IT IS NOT A TRACKING NUMBER, it simply tells you that the package was sent & tells me when the package was delivered. I understand that the web site says "updated every evening" this does not mean that they will list every location where your package is. It will simply tell you that the package has been returned/refused or delivered.

The email with your DC number will be sent to you automatically & only to the email that you provided through Paypal, I do not get a copy of that email so please don't lose/delete it & then request another copy.

Shipping Address:
In order to protect myself as a seller I follow all of the rules & that includes the one that states I can only send a package to the address that is on the Paypal payment. So please do not purchase the item, send the payment and then immediately email telling me that you 'think' your address is wrong.

I use an automated shipping system that prints the label exactly as you entered it on your payment.
Handling fee's:
There are none!

I do not charge you for the boxes, the tape, the gas in my car, the blah blah blah. I charge a set price for shipping because I know that's about how much it will actually cost to mail it (within a few pennies either way).

I use USPS priority boxes when I can & when I can't I use mailing boxes or envelopes that I buy at a shipping supply store so you don't have to worry about your packages being from a session of dumpster diving, not that I am against recycling but I have received items in some pretty filthy looking packages & that's plain gross!

I'm not going to sew your skirt for hours only to throw it into a used pizza box!

Other Various Q & A

Q: "Can you stick my hair falls into a tiny envelope so that the package will fit into my door flap?"
A: "sorry, I can't do that because: One. They won't fit & Two. That would destroy them!"

Q: "Make sure that you tell my postman to leave it under the bush NOT on the doorstep!"
A: "Well, I don't see your postman & there is no way I can tell him that, you should probably speak with him(her) yourself."

Q: "This package absolutely MUST be delivered at my door on Friday, not before & not after!"
A: "There is no way in the world that I can make that happen, the men & women that actually work at the post office are totally in control of getting this to you & they don't take requests, sorry."

Q: "I know that you have a lot of orders in front of mine but I really want my item fast, can you just do mine first? I'll even pay extra!"
A: "My packages are done in the order that they came in. It would be unfair for my other customers to make them wait longer. I'm sure that they all want their items fast too!.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Where do you get the items you sell:
All of the clothing & accessories that I offer are hand made by myself. Any of the store items are made to order & will be made as quickly as possible once the payment is received.

Where do you buy your fabric?
I am a self proclaimed shopaholic & fabric is my favorite thing to buy (OK well maybe boots are my fave but it's close!). I mainly buy my fabric in large wholesale quantity but I do also spend many hours in Joann's, Hancock, & the fabric district in NYC.

I also screen print my own fabric with designs that came from my head.

Will you sell me some of your fabric?
I currently have no plans to sell any fabric.

Will this fit me?
I have all of the measurements (in inches) listed in the description. Please refer to this guide. I can't compare this item to an item from "insert your favorite brand here" because I make all of my own clothing & do not buy from commercial designers, ever.

Why are your sizes different than name brands?
Because every designer/brand name sizes things differently including me. I try to make my sizing more 'user friendly'

Where can I get updates about MTcoffinz:
You can find me everywhere! Google:"MTCoffinz"

Or Text me: 860-478-0768

Custom Orders:
Sure, Want to change some colors? Maybe make it a little longer? I would be happy to create a custom skirt for you.

Just remember that your custom request should look similar to the stuff that I make. If you want something that you saw on a red carpet event and it looks like a peacock on acid... I'm probably not going to be able to make it!


Are you going to steal my Money and then disappear?
Nope! I have been selling online for many years both on this site, eBay, Etsy. I have an extremely high percentage of Positive feedback. I make hundreds of transactions per month and you can see what other people have said by checking My Feedback.

Hair Falls & Accessories
Q: "I have short hair, can I wear these?"
A: I'm not sure how short your hair is but I can tell you that you will need to be able to put your hair into a ponytail or two in order to wear any falls. If you can make even a little nub of a ponytail you can wear falls, with a little patience."

Q: "My hair is short & I can get the falls in but then I have little bits of hair sticking out near my forehead, help!"
A: "No problem, this is one of the reasons that I make the wide headbands that I sell, these are the perfect way to hide your real hair for whatever reason."

Q:"Are the headbands attached to the falls?"
A: See above Q&A, they are not attached, they are just made to hide your own hair if you wish to do so.

Q: "How do you make your hair falls, can you teach me?"
A: "With time, patience, lots of practice & materials. Sorry, I do this for a living & I am not a craft teacher."

Care & Washing
Tulle skirts:
Can be machine washed & dryed on gentle cycle & low to medium heat.

Veils: Veils will wrinkle during shipping no matter how carefully I pack them, but the good news is that they can be steamed or just hung up & let the wrinkles fall out overnight.

PVC items:
Hand washing is preferred by most but it can be machine washed & dryed.... be VERY careful not to dry for too long! PVC does not like that!

Monster Fur:
DO NOT machine dry on more than med heat. I accidentally did this to my favorite fur skirt & the outcome was bad!!!

Hair Falls:
To keep from getting tangles, simply comb through with your fingers & to store either hang them or store in a flat drawer or box. DO NOT machine wash, just spray them with some febreeze.

Oh yeah.... keep them away from cats!

Payment Information

I accept PayPal for your convenience. Paypal is the safest and easiest for almost everyone. Paypal is also free for a buyer! Payments can be made through Paypal at

E-checks (bank transfers):
These do need time to clear, I do not send any items until I get notification from Paypal stating that your check has cleared, then I begin to process your order.

Q: I paid you right away with Paypal & it's been "X" amount of days now... where's my package???
A: When you send a Paypal payment and the funds are not actually in Paypal but rather being sent from your bank acct. then this comes to the seller in the form of an E-check. Sometimes they will clear as quickly as three days but I have had some international payments take several weeks to clear. I am totally unable to control the time it takes for your bank to get its crap together & release the funds.

Returns and Cancellations

We don't take returns or give refunds unless the item was mis-represented, or grossly in-accurate. For example; if you purchased a red tulle skirt & I have sent you a blue tulle skirt or a completely different item. I will definitely fix that problem at my expense.

I do my best to take very high quality photos & I spend hours writing descriptions so the chances of you getting the wrong item is very slim.

I will not accept a return simply because you 'thought' something would look different, you decided it didn't look good on you or your daughter didn't want the item!

Hair falls, hair accessories, or makeup are never returnable items due to health regulations. Please ask questions before you buy if you are unsure!

If you ordered a item and then read this FAQ and realized it won't meet your timeline; you have four options.
1. Request to cancel by email within 24 hours. You can have a partial refund (Minus PayPal fees)
2. Request to Cancel by email after 24 hours, but before 48 hours. You can have a partial refund (-25% for processing, wasted cut fabric, administration fees)
3. You can request Rush processing for an extra fee based on our availability.
4. Keep the order as it is and we will get it created and shipped as fast as possible.

Reselling MTCoffinz items:

Q: I bought a _____ from you but I no longer need it, can I resell it & can I use your photos/description?

A: Of course you are free to resell any items, however you ARE NOT allowed to use any of my photos or descriptions.

Q: Why are you being mean about it?

A: Actually I am not trying to be mean. This is to protect you, me, and the new buyer of the item:

If you are selling an item on Ebay it is against the rules to use others photos or descriptions.

How is anyone to know that the item you are selling still looks like it did in MY photos, after you have worn it, washed it etc.

Also all of my photos are stamped with my Business name, this is a copyright. Anyone who is not affiliated with MTcoffinz and is using that name to help sell an item is breaking the copyright laws. Removing the text from my images is also breaking copyright laws.

You may mention that the item originally came from MTcoffinz but please take your own photos & use you own descriptions.
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